Products of the plastics industry are present in almost every important area in our lives: in our households, vehicles, in health care, in electronics, construction, space research, etc. Products may be classified according to processing methods (thermoplastic, thermoreactive), structure (linear, cross-linked) or raw material (natural, artificial).

In the production process of plastics, polymers, i.e. compounds with (large) macromolecules are created from monomers, compounds with small molecules. Macromolecules are produced with three methods: polymerization, polycondensation and polyaddition.

Technologies (“raw material” production, compression moulding, injection-compression moulding, injection moulding, extrusion, calendaring, vacuum forming, compression forming) and processes in plastics production are very special, and they need IT support that is familiar with the specificities of the industry. QAD Enterprise Applications provides comprehensive IT support to the processes of companies in this industry in an integrated system.

We believe in the uniqueness of the companies in the industry, and accordingly, ISYS-ON Ltd. provides unique and tailored IT support for companies active in the plastics industry.


One of our most industry-specific implementations for a Partner in the plastics industry:

Warema PT Hungary Kft.


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