The QAD Enterprise Applications integrated solution is primarily recommended to companies with one or several sites, active in manufacturing, trade or distribution.

QAD Enterprise Applications can go beyond the “frontiers” of the company and organize and coordinate customer and supplier functions, managing the whole supply chain as well. As for the logic of the system, it builds the comprehensive IT support of the related areas on these basic business processes.

This system provides effective support also to holding organizations consisting of different legal entities, which wish to “cover”, manage, track and check all the manufacturing and distribution processes with a single integrated solution.


QAD Inc.

QAD Inc., California, was founded in 1979 to provide a solution for manufacturers’ needs for integrated enterprise resource planning. They began by providing support to local enterprises, but as the number of partners increased rapidly, QAD soon became an international, later global service provider and developer.

Since 1986 the leading solution of the company has been the QAD Enterprise Applications integrated ERP suite. Currently this solution provides support to the life and business processes of over 800 companies every day, in 55 languages in 100 countries.

QAD Inc. employs over 1,600 people in 27 countries, all over the world.


QAD Enterprise Applications has been present in Hungary for decades

ISYS-ON Information Consulting Ltd. has had over 120 successful implementation projects with QAD Enterprise Applications and its predecessor, the MFG/PRO system.

Our colleagues have extensive expertise, competence to meet the IT needs of enterprises in various fields, and high-level knowledge and experience in project management.

We have market-leading Hungarian and international companies and groups among our partners. The QAD Enterprise Applications integrated ERP solution has satisfied the complex specifications and needs of our partners, specific industry regulations and legal requirements multiple times, not only in the process of selecting the system, but also after the launch, in production. To the satisfaction of its users, the system has proven to be reliable and operating safely in the long term.

Over the years, complementing the implementation methodology of QAD Enterprise Applications with the approval of QAD Inc, we have developed the unique dynamic methodology of ISYS-ON Ltd., which is suitable for the economic environment in Hungary, complies with industry requirements and is in line with experience gained during implementation. The key to successful implementation is methodologically well-founded, expert project management.

ISYS-ON Ltd. is at the service of its partners from pre-implementation assessments, to the selection of hardware, installation of software, transfer of the “Best Practices” knowledge base, to full-scale support after implementation. ISYS-ON Kft. develops the Hungarian version, which is compliant with domestic financial and legal requirements and regulations.

Members of the development and consulting teams have been certified by QAD Inc., and training and junior staff is provided to them on several levels. ISYS-ON Ltd. has also become a Hungarian localization center.  As a result, ISYS-ON Ltd. offers more than an integrated solution to its partners: based on its company-specific knowledge and experience with implementation projects, it also provides comprehensive consulting, which serves as a foundation and also as a supplement to its solutions.

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