Technological development is everywhere. It plays an active role in the everyday life of companies, and makes business processes simpler, faster, more effective and more precise. We have summarized these electronic communication solutions that are not area-specific.

In today’s fast-paced world, we have to pay special attention to the management, storage and effective use of our documents, as this is a fundamental pillar of the company’s operation. To facilitate this, we have developed a proprietary Document management solution, which is, in its operation, interrelated with the QAD Enterprise Applications ERP system. The resulting custom data base structure allows for the secure archiving and availability of electronic documents.


Electronic invoice verification

Electronic invoice verification is a process embedded directly into the QAD Enterprise Applications solution and the operation, which is also directly linked to the Document management solution, thus allowing for the management of contracts, related receipts, invoices, electronic registry and the related verification processes on the workflow level.


Electronic signature

Certain business processes require information or transactions to be verified or approved. An authorized user can create or modify such information - these activities will then be displayed on a maintenance screen or in a report.


Interfaces - Electronic communication with different systems

The built-in interfaces of QAD Enterprise Applications enable and facilitate connecting to other application systems. The features available to banks or special-purpose applications that can be connected to systems include: warehouse management, fine programming in production and sophisticated interfaces.

QAD Enterprise Applications enable data input from other data collection devices, bar code readers, RFID devices (Radio-Frequency Identification), checkout machines, balances and built-in systems, while also provides for data transfer to other systems, including Excel.

All this is made possible with the help of a unified communications platform, QXTend (Middle Ware interface), creating a direct connection between resource management and other systems and subsystems.

This gives the user a coherent management and operation interface, which is transparent, is controlled by clear actions, and where monitoring and logging are conducted via a single platform regardless of the number of utilized subsystems. This makes the solution highly flexible and applicable in the management of countless technological standards, such as EDI, xml or webservice.


Banking interface

Financial management is divided into three large units in the QAD Enterprise Applications solution. Electronic payments are accounted in the complex Bank Module.

By creating bank master data, every financial institution the company has dealings with can be defined. Methods for the calculation of money management can be set in advance for each bank, i.e. whether the balance of bank accounts in foreign currencies should be calculated at bank rates, according to the FIFO method or with average prices. According to the parameters, calculation is performed immediately in the application based on recorded account statements.

With the MNB exchange rate load function exchange rates are automatically loaded into the system, and when account statements are recorded, transactions are calculated according to the current assessment principle.  Cash flow calculated with the FIFO method can be checked on an interactive interface, where it can track which incoming payments were settled with which outgoing payments.

Loading bank statements electronically has become a routine practice. Through an interface, the QAD solution can read and process data from the document in a special file format.

The automatic bank transfer and bank account read applications of the system are devised in compliance with guides and sample files of Hungarian and foreign financial institutions.


Payroll Interface

The QAD Enterprise Applications solution and the payroll system of the company can be connected by automatic ledger-level electronic data connection.


VAT statements

State revenues constitute a pillar of the modern economy, and value added tax is an integral part of that.  In the Hungarian tax system, the seller has to pay and record this tax on every level of trade whenever value is added. The Tax Management module of QAD Enterprise Applications provides help with this. The VAT module complies with the Hungarian tax code and particularities of the system, like the cash accounting principle and monitoring events within the HUF 2 million limit.


EKAER - Electronic Trade and Transport Control System

The Electronic Trade and Transport Control System was introduced as part of the 2014 tax package, which is an electronic toll reporting interface for the use of motorways, dual-carriageways and trunk roads.

QAD Enterprise Applications can, with the help of an interface, establish electronic connection with the reporting system, through which the provision of compulsory data is greatly simplified. This makes reporting much faster, more efficient and accurate.

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