Effective planning and close monitoring of business processes are priorities for manufacturing companies. Flexible customer service, observing deadlines, optimal use of plant capacities and minimizing production-related costs often require objectives and decisions that contradict one another. Accordingly, production-related processes have become so complex that Excel tables provide only a limited, slow and obsolete solution for their management.

The more information is available for decision-makers and the more transparent and structured it is, the easier it is to make optimal decisions, and as a result customer demand can be satisfied, with the lowest possible cost, using the company’s resources.

With on-PLAN, taking into consideration the finite capacities of production equipment, machine groups, machinery and instruments, and the availability of human resources, production tasks can be planned optimally, displayed visually, and modified simply and spectacularly. As a result, it can be checked any time if orders are on schedule and will be completed by the deadline.

Detailed information can be gained on every activity in the plant through the interactive, graphic user interface, so current and relevant data are available to decision makers. On-PLAN is more than just a useful tool - with on-PLAN you can plan production effortlessly.

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What makes on-PLAN unique?

Technical Overview

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