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How can we support your business?

We defined supporting our Partners as our company’s primary objective, to help their businesses function more efficiently with the help of more transparent business processes, accurate planning options and user-friendly handling, thereby creating competitive advantage in their respective markets.

Since its establishment ISYS-ON Ltd. has been striving to recognise the needs of its partners as early as possible, in order to respond to rapid changes generated by today’s fast-paced business life as quickly as possible.

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Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

The control and management of the entire distribution network is in the focus of the integrated enterprise resource management solution of QAD Enterprise Applications. By applying QAD Enterprise Applications, the integration of the entire production and sales activity may be implemented, from raw material suppliers to the user of the product. The usage of the system ensures the efficient support of their stocking, sales, procurement, production, financial and controlling activities and the harmonisation of their internal processes as well as the activities conducted with the various commercial partners.

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Corporate process controlling

In every enterprise’s life, there comes a point when data and relevant information are only accessible and can only be processed with difficulty, through tedious work. At this point, the IT division’s work is far harder, the data need to be collected from a number of locations and reports must be complicated beyond traceability in order to satisfy the decision makers’ information needs. And even if they should succeed with all this, the decision makers must pick out from the tremendous volume of data the few relevant pieces of information they originally wanted. Naturally, such a process consumes enormous amounts of time, while operational costs also increase.

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The “-ON” Product line

Since its establishment ISYS-ON Kft. has been striving to recognise the needs of its partners as early as possible, in order to respond to rapid changes generated by today’s fast-paced business life as quickly as possible. As a result of this, we have started to develop our own solutions over the recent years, which serve to respond to real questions and problems to be solved raised by our Partners.

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Industry-specific solutions customized to your company’s needs

ISYS-ON Ltd. has been introducing the QAD Enterprise Applications enterprise resource management solution for Hungarian and international companies in various industry sectors. Based on the introduction experience, the team of experts at ISYS-ON Kft. has supplemented the functionality of the standard QAD Enterprise Applications enterprise resource planning system with sector-specific solutions.

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Those who chose us...

As a market leading supplier of integrated enterprise resource management solutions for the past 23 years, our team specialised on introducing ERP systems now looks back on more than 120 successfully completed QAD Enterprise Applications introduction projects.

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About us

As one of Hungary’s most successful companies supplying enterprise resource planning systems, we are very proud of having developed full scope IT solutions for the business processes of countless Hungarian companies, on the hardware as well as the software sides.

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