The operation and success of an ERP solution depends on its users. This is why it is important that the implementation should support decision-makers and workers in the fields of leadership, the provision of information and easy-to-use interface.


User interface

In the QAD Enterprise Applications solution different interfaces can be created for and customized by different users, so that the user interface is optimal for the needs of the given position. It can be simple, robust operation designed for plant and warehouse workers, or a flexible design, tailored to administrative areas.

It is accessible through any browser on the intranet/internet. As a result, users working in a location far from the system, for example leaders or traders, can access and use the functions of QAD Enterprise Applications from anywhere in the world.

Because of this form of access, companies using the QAD Enterprise Applications solution can connect to the electronic operation, which means customers can place their orders directly, which are received and also processed by QAD Enterprise Applications. This interface provides access to suppliers as well, and restocking can also be arranged this way.

The interface of the QAD Enterprise Applications is built on the Microsoft .net development technology. This includes many new solutions that are not only spectacular, but with their expanded functionality, they make the work of users easier. Due to the features of the technology, opportunities can be extended on user level as well, which ensures flexibility.


Workflow - Business Process Management (BPM)

QAD’s event-driven process management solution, Business Process Management, provides an integrated solution within the QAD implementation for the work-flow based management and control of the master data and business processes of the system, and for the presentation of the information related to the activities.


Operational metrics

With the Operational Metrics indicator system so-called measures and indicators can be defined. These are, for example indicators we need in our everyday work and we would like to monitor them for control purposes.


Reporting Framework

Standard, static reports are easy to create in the voucher creating solution of QAD Enterprise Applications, the Reporting Framework tool. These vouchers considerably help the work of key users, as pre-defined queries are available anytime and contain information that is relevant to them.

With the Reporting Framework tool, built on the data of the QAD Enterprise Applications solution, individual vouchers, invoices, delivery notes, bar codes, etc. can be designed to suit the corporate image and the requirements of partners.


Voucher Printing

The Voucher Printing function is an activity that can be completely integrated into the system and processes. Fully parameterizable formatting, 1D and 2D bar code printing methods and company and partner-specific formatting are available in the solution.


Label Printing

The Voucher Printing implementation includes customer-specific label printing options, in compliance with industry requirements.

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