For companies, cost management is a financial process that is crucial for effective operations. The general solution is supplemented by the Itemized Preliminary and Post-calculation solution of QAD Enterprise Applications, through which essential information is received from both directions.


Cost management

Competition among market participants is a major factor shaping today’s economic environment. This gave rise to the need that corporate cost management should be as comprehensive as possible. The ERP solution of QAD Enterprise Applications provides technologically advanced tools to its existing and new clients to cover this process.

The budget contains expected amounts the company is planning to spend in a given period. Users can define these planned amounts in pre-defined budget categories for specific periods on the user-friendly interface of the QAD solution. The automatic operation of budget management can be controlled through the well-structured control panel.


Itemized Post-calculation

Calculating cost per unit, i.e. cost-price analysis is a key step in the production of products and services. With the help of accounting, costs can be calculated from the costs of the production factors used.

With the Itemized Post-calculation solution of QAD Enterprise Applications cost-price analysis can be performed quickly and easily. Any number of analyses can be made for the post-calculation of stocks, as there are a large number of parameterization options in the solution. Several functions that are essential for corporate controlling are available in this module.

Users have tools and possibilities for batch code level post-calculation with the solution of QAD Enterprise Applications, a process that required complex, custom solutions and dedicated software before. The company can perform unlimited analysis of categorized and cleaned data, and controlling them, it can optimize its resources and maximize its profit.


Preliminary Calculation

In a cost-sensitive operation environment, precise planning of direct and indirect cost items is very important.

The Preliminary Calculation module, integrated into the QAD solution, is an effective tool for this. Firstly, the solution can incorporate material, wage, overheads and subcontractor cost items that are directly incorporated because of the product structure. Secondly, preliminary calculation of indirect administrative and management costs is also possible, and, thirdly, margins and coverage levels expected by the management can also be calculated and incorporated in the prime cost.

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