Steel and metal production and working have a great tradition. Today the material requirements of associated industries are satisfied with the continuous production of steel and metal, anything from simple fence ornaments to radiators and the undercarriage of mining machinery.

As steel and metal are among the most important and most frequently used raw materials, they can be found in man-made equipment and facilities in all sizes, shapes and quality. Consequently, the production of unique models with just a few items are as typical as large-scale production in the magnitude of kilotons. Output and complexity vary greatly, and so does the quality of the products.

QAD Enterprise Applications provides effective support to both the production and trade functions of the industry. The process has many steps: it starts with recording individual orders by customers, and in the final step the client receives the ordered goods. The purchase of raw materials, production, quality control and delivery are controlled by the large number of expected quality parameters that are set.

We believe in the uniqueness of the companies in the industry, and accordingly, ISYS-ON Ltd. provides unique and tailored IT support for companies active in the steel and metals industry.


One of our most industry-specific implementations for a Partner in the steel and metals industry:

DUTRADE Acéltermékfeldolgozó és Kereskedelmi Zrt.


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