The stable operation of the system is necessary for the successful functioning of the resource management solution. QAD Enterprise Applications offer special support with the help of unique tools.


Enhanced Controls

Data protection is more and more important in the life of a company. The QAD Enhanced Controls offers a solution to this problem by providing full core data protection.  The system keeps a history of the changes in the core data, which means that every piece of data is searchable, one can look up its parameters as well as the time and nature of the modifications made by users.

Ensuring and professionally handling data security is often an industry requirement and expectation that is indispensable for maintaining or increasing competitiveness. Accordingly, the Enhanced Controls module helps QAD Enterprise Applications fully comply with the instructions and requirements for IT system set by the FDA.

Due to the compliance of 21 CFR Part 11, QAD can be seamlessly implemented at every company where, independently of industry, there are strict legal requirements for resource management systems.


Audit trails

This feature allows for full database-level tracking of all critical and significant company data. It can be traced on the level of the entire system, which user made the modification, what is the modification exactly, and where and why it was made.

Audit Trails makes it possible to keep all modifications under severe control, without forgetting about previously recorded information. Records all modifications to controlled data and can show and search modified information and audit tracking information within a given date range.


Monitoring Framework

Monitoring Framework is a great solution for monitoring the entire system environment of QAD Enterprise Applications, including the database server, the program environment, the users and other peripheral tools and the parameters of the OS. It is implemented through an administrative tool, which allows for online monitoring of the daily operation of the system, supported by intelligent mailing, logging and analytics applications.


Saving Online

Data security is of great significance these days, especially when it comes to critical business applications. One important element of data security is developing frequent and high quality saving mechanisms. Through the embedded database manager, QAD Enterprise Applications can create online data-saving processes that guarantee the continuous availability of business data in a 24/7 work environment.

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