Enterprise resource management solutions

The control and management of the entire distribution network is in the focus of the integrated enterprise resource management solution of QAD Enterprise Applications. By applying QAD Enterprise Applications, the integration of the entire production and sales activity may be implemented, from raw material suppliers to the user of the product. The usage of the system ensures the efficient support of their stocking, sales, procurement, production, financial and controlling activities and the harmonisation of their internal processes as well as the activities conducted with the various commercial partners.

The QAD Enterprise Applications is a system of uniform structure, efficiently applicable to business environments of large series, recipe-based or project-type and customized products. This is made possible by the extensive parametering and customising options of the system.

The conscious planning of production companies and the volumetric and temporal management of stock levels are supported by the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) files. Visual optimisation of the use of resources and identifying and resolving bottlenecks are assisted by visual planning tools.

The QAD Enterprise Applications provides a flexible response option to meet rapidly changing customer requirements by establishing a connection between corporate objectives, colleagues, products, partners, suppliers and customers. The system ensures the possibility of online communication through the internet among all participants of the business process.

Integrated operation is supported by single data entry and automatic accounting events performed in the background. The administration tracking programmes parametered in advance and the menu structure tailored to the user serve easier manageability.

A QAD Enterprise Applications ensures up-to-date tracking of real processes in a user friendly manner, allowing continuous control in various statistics and through the customised query and reporting system, thereby providing business leaders with information that help quick and efficient decision making.

Introduction experience of the QAD Enterprise Applications indicate that the implementation of a full functionality system may take as little as 4 months. The businesses applying the system can thereby access all business and economic advantages faster the application of the system may provide, e.g. with respect to depletion of stock levels, increase of delivery reliability and faster availability of managerial information. The return of the implementation, as an investment may be faster and the company’s team of experts may focus on business processes instead of IT tasks.

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