The use of electronic communication devices is a fundamental expectation in the field of logistics as well. The various mobile data collection and reading tools are in connection with the QAD Enterprise Applications solution, the data are therefore accounted, processed and analysed directly in the integrated system.

Apart from this, certain electronic communication solutions also greatly simplify keeping in touch with clients, suppliers and certain authorities, making it safer at the same time.


Barcoding support

The QAD Enterprise Applications system also allows connection or barcode readers and printing devices. The tools may be used for example to receive raw materials, manage inter-warehouse movements, and to support functions of raw material dispatching, quality assurance, shipment collation and delivery.

In the course of parametering, options will be available to set product specifications for identical items meant to be distinguished, such as serial number, size, colour and expiry date. This simplifies the continuous and accurate tracking of the goods in the warehouse.

The solution can also produce pallet and shelf tags besides product identification tags. For faster delivery, inventory control and material movement, the packages and shipments compiled from various products may be labeled with their own package ID.


RFID - radio frequency identification

An efficient tracking option along certain material flow processes is the application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

The open and process oriented approach of QAD Enterprise Applications  also allows usage of RFID identification to record and administrate material processes, reducing the resource requirement for manual data entry and thereby the possibilities of errors.


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange ECommerce

Communication with partners and buyers is a complex task in the life of a company, requiring significant resources. The simple handling of the process related to this is realised by the Electronic Data Interchange ECommerce function, fully integrated into the QAD Enterprise Applications solution, supporting the reception and sending of the electronic messages exchanged by the company and its partners.

By using the function, we can meet requirements of market environments such as the management of the complex orders of large chain stores and the improvement of safety and efficiency factors. Thanks to this, the closed chain electronic messaging system implemented this way meets the demanding criteria of the various industrial segments.

By using the solution, communication with partners may be conducted in a standardised and safe form, while data are imported automatically, thanks to the integration of QAD Enterprise Applications with implementation, which accelerates, simplifies and makes administration processes more efficient.


Intrastat and product tax

Laws of the European Union require member states to submit reports on their trading within the EU, which are created by the Intrastat system. The QAD Interstate statistics fully supports this process, thereby offering efficient tools for companies with business connections in EU member states and where stock movements must be documented in writing.

With the help of the solution, statistical reports in full conformity with legal regulations may be produced, simplifying ad accelerating the submission process.

The product tax is to be paid after domestic or imported products that directly or indirectly endanger the environment during production, distribution or consumption. Importation or private consumption of directly polluting products, fuel and other crude oil derivatives and products that become waste, such as rubber tyres, refrigerants, packaging materials, batteries, advertisement carrier paper materials and electric or electronic equipment are subject to environmental product tax payment obligation.

Managing this process means complicated administrative tasks, which can be easily maintained and managed with the help of the QAD solution.


on-MOBILE - Enterprise resource management on mobile devices

On-MOBILE means QAD Enterprise Applications functions and reports, available on smartphones running ANDROID. It provides immediate information to users through the fully integrated QAD enterprise resource planning system, through online data connection, based on strict security principles and providing communication supplemented with user authorisation management for the QAD solution.

The interface and the functions are easy to use, and custom solutions are easily comprehensible, and as a result the flow of information between the users’ mobile device and the QAD solution is quick and simple.

It is recommended for QAD users for whom mobility is a priority, continuous connection between the QAD system and business life is essential, who need up-to-date information for making immediate decisions and want to keep control of company matters wherever they are.


Electronic requisition management

The Global Requisition System (GRS) allows creation of multiple line order requests and administrating them through an approval process.

Depending on the order requirements, their value and the person of the requestor, the system determines which persons are authorised to approve of the requirements created.

The solution distinguishes approvers and reviewers, whose roles are identical; the difference being that the approver may approve up to and the reviewer may approve from a certain level.


EKAER - Electronic Trade and Transport Control System

The Electronic Trade and Transport Control System was introduced as part of the 2014 tax package, which is an electronic toll reporting interface for the use of motorways, dual-carriageways and trunk roads.

QAD Enterprise Applications can, with the help of an interface, establish electronic connection with the reporting system, through which the provision of compulsory data is greatly simplified. As a result, reporting will be much faster, more efficient and more accurate.

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