The consumer society poses increasing challenges to manufacturing companies, where a major area is quality management.



What once was special to the food and pharmaceutical industries, is now present in almost every industry: the need for full traceability. Two-way tracking of the raw materials and technologies used in the manufacturing of our products is essential for our company and also for the satisfaction of our customers.

On the one hand, we must know what semi-finished and finished products were manufactured from raw materials from different sources, and through what sales channels they were distributed. On the other hand, we must also know what were the sources of the materials used for the finished products purchased by specific partners, and what technologies were used during production.

Integrated, complete, two-way tracking is possible through the QAD Enterprise Applications solution.


Quality assurance

The Quality Management solution includes the inspections and tests necessary during production, inspection due upon arrival of purchased items and stock sampling as well.

Quality management requirements can be fully integrated into production processes, including attaching any quality assurance documents, procedure instructions and control steps, introducing process tests, recording test results and the detailed and retrievable documentation of transactions.

Detailed statistics and analyses can be created about insufficient products, which helps improve the production process and continuously increase quality.

The solution contains quality assurance and quality management functions that can be fully embedded in the system and the process, it is flexible and can be parameterized to suit the special characteristics of products and processes.

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