Sales logistics is the other main unit of corporate logistics, lasting from production all the way to reception by the customer.

The QAD Customer Management offers a solution to handle the full scope of sales processes, including the structured and dynamic management of customers information, the entry of purchase orders, the management of deliveries and invoicing and the preparation of sales statistics, which can help deliver client purchase orders and meet their requirements with accuracy and flexibility, thereby offering a quality service.


Sales planning - Forecast

With its forecast system that can be parameterized in detail, its inventory optimization algorithm, supply chain connection and freely defined meanings, the QAD Demand Management solution encompasses every aspect of demand and forecast planning.

The Demand Management module communicates directly with demand management systems, so incoming demands are immediately incorporated in the forecast. When preparing forecasts, the system takes into consideration exceptions, promotions, special offers and seasonal demands, making production transparent and effective, ensuring a shorter reaction time to meet market demand.

Traders, distributors, marketing specialists and even customers can use the web-based cooperative portal to directly submit and modify their demand, which is immediately incorporated in the forecast. Immediate reaction to meet customer demand is possible in the solution, and so is the quick and comprehensive transmission of information.


Complex Pricing

In many industries, individual pricing methods are used in business cooperation, or, as part of a long-term cooperation, discount systems based on seasonal sales, product characteristics, special offers and promotions are applied.

Specificities may be present on customer, product, customer group or product group level. The Complex Pricing Support solution of QAD Enterprise Applications is suitable for serving these needs, and also for a later impact analysis of specific discount categories.


Scheduled customer service

Customer-scheduled orders and customer demand can be received, managed and planned through the Release Management function, as it can provide support in satisfying customer needs, taking into consideration the quantities and deadlines in the orders.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Striving to satisfy the needs of customers, partners and consumers on the highest level is a priority for companies both in manufacturing and trade. In today’s economy, with market competition getting fiercer, getting to know and retaining customers, while shaping their needs, is becoming more and more important.

Gathering, managing and analyzing data and information about customers is essential for this, every partner-related process has to be described and tracked, all of which is incorporated in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The goal of the CRM solution is to support these processes, and to store information about current and potential customers.

Processes are easy to manage with the Customer Relationship Management solution, which also makes full tracking possible. Once the solution is implemented, the goal of increasing the quality and effectiveness of services and customer service will be within reach. With data analysis options available, there is relevant information for decision makers, through which corporate processes can be optimized and activities can become more cost-effective and profitable.

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