In recent years, electronic communication has appeared in the area of production, on the production floor. These tools also make data collection and reporting faster and more accurate, resulting in the availability of current, up-to-date and accurate data.


Interface solutions in production

Electronic communication among measurement systems, industrial automatization devices, PLC controls and other equipment is fully feasible with the single electronic communication platform and comprehensive interface support.

This eliminates the manual data recording needs arising during the process, accelerates the performance of administrative tasks and reduces the error rate during data recording.


Electronic data collection

Numerous kinds of data are generated during the production process that are not registrable or storable by traditional means.

The electronic data collection features of QAD Enterprise Applications one can access the key information necessary for the management of the company and decision-making, without manual intervention.


Online production reporting

Administration of production processes imposes a heavy burden on the staff of production plants. To ease this, we recommend a business solution with a focus on material processes, online production reporting adapted to the plant environment that can be operated by manual workers.

This provides a solution for recording data generated during the production process, simultaneously with the physical events, on industrial terminals, electronic data collection devices and interfaces.

When this solution is applied, there is no subsequent reporting and discrepancy management, the system reflects the current physical state at all times, significantly reducing the risk of errors.

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