Electronics is probably one of the most important industries today. To companies in this industry, continuous technological innovations and developments present themselves as basic requirements. Market participants are expected to use cutting edge, 21st century technology, for which research and development is essential.

Clearly, technology, human resources and sufficient IT support required for the growth strategy are of utmost importance in maintaining competitive advantage.

We believe that industry-specific production (Kanban, LEAN, etc.) and logistic/commercial (JIT, MMOG/LE, etc.) activities require the same standard of IT support. The value of data that are available in real time has increased because of fierce market competition. The Electronic Industry solution of QAD Enterprise Applications provides suitable implementation.

We believe in the uniqueness of the companies in the industry, and accordingly, ISYS-ON Ltd. provides unique and tailored IT support for companies active in the electronics.


One of our most industry-specific implementations for a Partner in the electronics:

Legrand Magyarország Villamossági Rendszerek Zrt.


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