Procurement logistics stands at the beginning of business processes, ensuring the input stocks that are required for the production or for the performance of other services in a broader context. The solutions of the QAD Supply Chain provide advanced tools to procure, move and handle stock in the supply chain and its application is likewise necessary for efficient communication with partners.

The QAD Supply Chain solutions help operate the supply chain optimally, linking customer demand and supplier activity directly. The procurement activity therefore serves the security of supply, planned stock management, uncompromised quality and high level customer service in a complex manner.


Warehouse management

The QAD Warehousing warehouse management solution can fully sum up and manage a company’s warehousing tasks, for independent warehouses as well as the warehousing management needs of distribution networks for supply chains operating in multi-site structures.

Accordingly, it is able to optimise the material movement processes by managing the warehouse and the goods stored therein in accordance with their physical and logical properties, which results in increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Naturally, all industries have particularities that influence its warehousing solutions. Accordingly, QAD fully supports all practical applications, be it an appropriate inventory management model (LIFO, FIFO, FEFO, HIFO, LOFO), warehousing principles or bar coded and RFID support.

Storage principles:

  • Block stacking
  • Roller platform system
  • Location based records
  • Narrow corridor high-bay warehouse
  • Rolling platform system
  • Double deep racking technique
  • Conveyor belts

In the solution, it is implemented through the incorporation of more than 60 goods movement algorithms that warehouse management is able to carry out, manage and control complex tasks in an integrated manner. Thanks to this, automatic warehouse task delegation and control takes place in practice, depending on the task type, priorities and passage routes.


Supply network

For a large company, it may often occur that it may possess a number of sites and warehouses, which all make an organic part of its activity, activities, serving and supporting them. A consequence of this is that a process may take place elsewhere physically, these must be seen and managed together at system level.

Distribution requirements planning (DRP) offers help in this; an intersite distribution control solution suitable for balancing the intra-site material demand and supply at multi-site companies. The module is able to flexibly model at site and item levels which items should be supplied form which site / sites, which may be further optimised with the help of settings such as fixing the relative contribution of a particular site.

Material Resource Planning is the planning of intersite material supply in the QAD system, fully integrated with material requirement planning, using the various material requirement planning parameters in the same way.

Thanks to controlling intersite distribution, material processes are recorded in an integrated manner entirely in the QAD solution, allowing better planned, faster, more efficient and more accurate implementation. Resulting from this, decision makers are able to base their decisions and the controlling of certain corporate processes on up-to-date information.



Maintaining a consignation warehouse at partner sites is often observed among businesses adopting a market oriented strategy, in line with their sales channel and marketing policies, from where customers can draw stock according to contractual conditions. This form of warehousing generates complex administrative tasks in the company’s administration, for which the Consignation module offers a comprehensive solution.

This provides the opportunity to manage and monitor consignment inventory, be it customer or supplier-related, including the full financial and accounting administration, in an integrated manner. Invoicing and payment related to consigned stock may always be withheld with the help of the application, until the stock is actually sold.

The module helps simplify the management, administration and supervision of the consignation inventories, while, as an integrated part of the QAD enterprise resource management solution, it would connect to other administrative processes automatically.


Freight forwarding

In certain cases, businesses or companies have to engage in independent haulage and freight forwarding activities. In these cases, the integrated Freight forwarder solution offers efficient support, with which shipment to suit the products, their nature, dimensions, mass, etc. can be organised for the supplier as well as the customer, and the organisational tasks can be tracked.

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